Zombie Dearest:
Poems for Young Zombies

 Dr. Samantha Dawson and Dr. Edward Dawson became Zombies through a laboratory accident in a lab but even Zombies need love! They wrote this book of poems for all of the little Zombies of the world. They want them to learn about the strange and unusual things of the world, especially for their own grandchildren to someday read!
Parents, make certain you read this book with your children for something hincky like a Troll, a Zombie Bunny or even those vicious Ducks in Gangs might try to grab them and eat them for a snack! These poems let you have fun, laugh and scream while you read and learn about the strange things that go bump in the night. The next time you hear something in the night could that be a zombie in the attic? The Easter Squirrel leaving eggs? A troll looking for a snack? Or maybe the neighbor’s cat, Little Miss Bloom!
Words from the critics for Zombie Dearest: Poems for Young Zombies

“Tooth Yank reminds me of Uncle Frank. It’s my favorite poem!”
          -- Ryan, Age 12

“Zombies, Zombies Everywhere is awesome! I love it!”
          -- Ethan, Age 9
“I check under my bed now. I love to be a bit scared!”
          -- Ava, Age 10
“After reading this, I’m a Gross Brother!”
          -- Aiden G., Age 10

​“Ducks in Gangs! Real scary and fun!”
          -- Ava, Age 9

​“I love Hurricane Hillary!"
          -- Emma C., Age 11