The Naked Turtle Dances
​Poems for Everyday Life
The Naked Turtle Dances opens to over a hundred poems which touch on everyday life. Many of these poems have appeared in magazines and other publications over the years.   Graphic images accompany the poems which, grouped together by categories, relate with how we live. Poems about the Love of Life include, It’s Not the Wrapper, Just Call me an American, and Angels in Fur

Poems About Victory where we can reach within ourselves as champions include Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda; The Triumph of the Moment; and Undiscovered CountryMunchkins and Children touch parenting with Time is a Thief, growing up with Warrior of the Outfield, and motherhood with Mama Bear.

Poems About the Soul include 2 B Free, Never 4 Free which touches our freedom, Earth Lease which touches the world around us and Naked Reflections which touches our inner world of the soul.

Poems about Eternity and Spirit provide "no holds barred" poems which explore topics such as My Faith is Soiled by my Religion, then moves into The Good Samaritan’s Neighbor, the Measure of a Man and how our world has become Chasms Apart.

Within each of us lies fear so the section Poems About Irrational Fear, Fun, and Fright address that irrational part of ourselves with Speech-A-Phobia, Height Fright, and Cat Servant before jumping into Poems on the Human Condition. Here we explore poems like Withered Roses, Uglies, Unchallenged Life and even a poem about the Pain of Pain.

Life at Work poems have the challenge of the Corporate Beatitudes, the dark humor of Bite the Hand and work relations some of us have like Crocs and Snakes.

Poems About Food tops the menu with poems like Pie-A-Holic, Coffee Fiend, and Doc D’s personal obsession with Crème Brulee.

Poems for the Holidays close the book with a unique style of Doc D's which he calls Audience Participation Poems. With these poems, a reader reads a stanza and the audience responds with their own line. Great fun! These poems range from the Ode to Punxsutawney Phil to Give Thanks for this Awesome Time for Thanksgiving Day to a more somber poem on Hug a Vet for Veteran’s Day and even a graduation poem, Go Forth and Be Awesome.

For your enjoyment a video of a performance of the poem, The Naked Turtle Dances, has been set to music and dance by Irvine Valley College drama, dance, and music departments. Enjoy!

​​Gwendolyn M. Plano, Author of “Letting Go in Perfect Love: Discovering the Extraordinary after Abuse,” says this about "The Naked Turtle Dances"     

The Naked Turtle Dances is poetry about the movement of life through its victories and its challenges. With more than 100 poems to savor, the reader is drawn into life’s mysteries, ultimately through the senses. Candor coupled with the writer’s faith, paint a world worth living. Hope is everywhere present, while love is both invited and offered. 

I was moved by the carefully crafted verse. Because the poetry is so relatable, I was brought into my own heart – sometimes aching, sometimes celebrating. This is thoughtful poetry; the trails of insights and wonderings linger and captivate. From my vantage point, a poet who risks shedding his shell, like the turtle, to dance freely, is a poet worth reading.    

The Naked Turtle Dances​​